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At American Comfort Experts, we understand that A/C systems tend to fail during the hottest days of summer. When your A/C system fails you in the blistering heat, you’ll need some immediate help from an HVAC specialist. That’s why at ACE we have experts available 24/7/365 for emergency A/C repair. We have trained experts ready to serve our neighbors in Houston and surrounding areas. We’ll make the proper repairs to have your unit back up and running ASAP.

We pride ourselves on our fast response times and excellent customer service, all at an excellent rate. If you’re having an a/c emergency, give us a call day or night. We are there when you need us!

Most Frequent Issues Requiring Emergency A/C Repair

What You Need From A 24-Hour A/C Repair Company in Houston, TX

American Comfort Experts can take care of your a/c repair needs, 24 hours a day! Call us now at 281-256-3433 or use the form to get in touch with us!

Why American Comfort Experts?

Our team ACE is comprised of three generations of air conditioning and heating technicians. We know ducting, thermostats, efficiency ratings, and much more. We’re experts in refrigeration, air quality, and thermodynamics. In addition to know-how, we understand you and your needs. We know that you need your system to work correctly in order to enjoy comfort in your own home.

We understand that you have a schedule, a budget and certain expectations. That’s why at American Comfort Experts, we’re on call around the clock to repair your system in this hot and humid Houston weather. With ACE, you can expect quality work, timely repairs and a cooling and heating system that works like new.

Our comfort is your business.

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