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Energy Efficiency

Old or new, most people don’t realize their homes’ energy potential. ACE can help you increase energy efficiency of your house and help you meet LEED, ENERGY STAR or other Government-mandated conservation measures.

We start with a comprehensive review of your utility bills and conduct a thorough survey of your house to see the energy demand and use. We prepare a detailed proposal with our recommendation of the system best suited to your home’s needs. We choose among several energy management system manufacturers to ensure that, regardless of brand name, you get the best solution to satisfy your energy goals.

Our unique ability to design, sell and install customized duct systems and heating and air conditioning equipment to meet the special needs of the individual customer makes us the best in the business!

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What is SEER?

Your air conditioner or heat pump’s efficiency is measured by a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). The higher the SEER rating, the more efficiently your unit operates. Increased efficiency translates into savings in utility costs!

Infinity ACHP 18VS

Carrier Infinity ACHP 18VS

Infinity HP 20

Carrier Infinity HP 20

Performance ACHP

Carrier Performance ACHP

Infinity 20

Carrier Infinity 20

Infinity HP 19

Carrier Infinity HP 19

Comfort ACHP Puron

Carrier Comfort ACHP Puron

Infinity ACHP

Carrier Infinity ACHP

Infinity HP 16

Carrier Infinity HP 16