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Overtime, the air ducts and vents in your home can collect millions of pesky dust and debris particles. This can cause a large amount of health concerns and not so comfortable air blowing through your home. At American Comfort Experts our motto is your comfort is our business, and that’s why air duct cleaning and vent cleaning is essential to get you living more comfortably.

Why Do You Need Air Duct and Vent Cleaning?

As dust and debris continue to build up overtime, you will start to notice that your allergies may get worse or your unit is not working efficiently. After a thorough vent cleaning, you will notice a huge difference in the air that you breathe in.

See what the inside of your ducts might look like if they haven’t been cleaned in a while.

There are some scary things that commonly inhabit your air ducts. Click to see them close-up.

dust mites
dust mites
mold spore
Mold spores
moldy duct
Moldy duct

Air Duct and Vent Concerns

Health Concerns:

Efficiency Concerns:

Why American Comfort Experts for Air Duct Cleaning?

ACE is three generations of air conditioning and heating technicians. We know all the ins and outs of mechanical systems, from direct expansion air conditioners to furnaces and fans. We know ducting, thermostats and coils. We’re fluent in refrigeration, filtration and thermodynamics. The most beat-up HVAC system you can imagine is just another good project for us.

In addition to know-how, we understand you and your needs. We know that you need your system to work to enjoy living at home. We understand that you have a schedule, a budget and certain expectations. That’s why at American Comfort Experts, we’re on call around the clock to fight your battle. With American Comfort Experts, you can expect hard work, timely results and a heating and cooling system that works like its brand new.

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Cleaner Air, Energy Efficiency and Longer-Lasting Equipment

In addition to changing your filters and cleaning your coils, removing dust from the ductwork is essential to keeping your home healthy.

When Should You Get Your Air Ducts and Vents Cleaned?

That depends on how often you run your air conditioner, how dusty your home and yard get, and a host of other conditions. We perform a video inspection of your ducts to find out how crucial a cleaning is. While it is recommended to get a thorough cleaning every 3-5 years, there are a few things you can look out for to determine whether it’s time:

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