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American Comfort Experts is located in Cypress, Texas. We are licensed, bonded and insured to repair and maintain residential air conditioning and heating systems. We also specialize in retrofitting and optimizing energy efficiency.

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Homeowners in Cypress, Katy, and Sugar Land have been calling on American Comfort Experts for A/C repair since 2010 because of our great prices, excellent customer service, professional technicians, and quality workmanship.

After many months in hibernation, air conditioners, especially older ones, need a quick tune-up in order to work properly. In some cases, they need parts replaced, or on occasion, to be completely retrofitted. 

In many cases, air conditioners have worked for extended periods of time without being properly maintained or serviced. Sometimes they've just grown old. Sometimes quick, inexpensive servicing is all they need. Other times, parts have worn out through use and have to be replaced. If the entire system is old and worn out, the most economical solution is a complete replacement, which actually saves cost on repairs and utility bills. Newer, better-built air conditioning units are considerably more energy-efficient than those just a few years old, and a retrofit with a new system can result in enormous cost savings each month.

To prolong the life of your unit and make it run more efficiently, invest in routine maintenance. By simply having the coils professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you'll avoid taxing the air conditioner and get much more cooling from the same amount of energy. By having an expert inspect your air ducts for leaks, you can avoid spilling tons (literally) of cool, conditioned air into your attic. Investing in a smoothly-running system makes enormous financial sense, and avoids unpleasant surprises.

While any number of things can go wrong with a complex appliance like an air conditioner, American Comfort Experts employs licensed, professional technicians that can quickly diagnose and repair your system. We know it's not a nice surprise to have your air conditioner acting up in the middle of a sweltering Houston night, but American Comfort Experts is here to make it as painless an experience as possible. By offering rapid response, 24-hour service, we help you spend as little time as possible in the discomfort of a hot, muggy home. In addition to restoring your home to its comfortable, climate controlled state, we focus on energy efficiency, so everything you put in to your air conditioning unit becomes an investment rather than an expense. Call today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to assisting you with all your air conditioning needs.

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