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American Comfort Experts provides A/C and Heater repair, service, and installation for all makes and models.

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With over three generations of HVAC experts and technicians, ACE offers a variety of services ranging from regularly scheduled AC maintenance, to 24 hour emergency heater repair services and so much more. At ACE, our most important service is to provide our clients with the best and most efficient repairs and fixes possible in order for them to feel comfortable in their home. Your comfort is our business!

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Why American Comfort Experts for HVAC Repair & Maintenance?

In addition to being experts in our field, we understand you and your needs. We know that you need your system to work in order for you to enjoy your home. We understand that you have a schedule, budget, and certain expectations that we assure we will exceed. We understand that a midnight emergency is stressful enough and you don’t want to worry about when a technician will be able to get there. That’s why at American Comfort Experts, we’re on call around the clock to fight your battle. With ACE you can expect hard work, timely results and an HVAC system that works like a charm.

We are available around the clock!

Choose ACE as Your Cooling & Heating Experts

At ACE, we have expert HVAC technicians available around the clock to help you when you need it most. We understand that air conditioners don’t give you the courtesy of failing when it’s convenient. That is why we have built our business on offering excellent service at an excellent rate, at whatever time of day or night you need us. We have expertly trained technicians that can access your problem and make the proper repairs to have your unit up and running as quick as possible.

Why is Routine HVAC Maintenance So Important?

Routine Maintenance is important because it keeps you from having to spend unnecessary money on repairs or even total replacement of your HVAC system. Routine maintenance can ensure the proper efficiency and the life of your HVAC system.

Routine Maintenance Can:

ACE Comfort Club

The ACE Comfort Club is a heavily-discounted maintenance program that takes all the hassle out of keeping your air conditioner and heater running smoothly.

As an ACE Comfort Club Member, you will receive:

  • Priority Service
  • ACE Precision Tune-Up
  • Service Calls Heavily Discounted
  • Up to 20% Discount on Repairs

This service will prepare your system for the summer and winter months and could save you up to 30% on energy costs. Overall, joining ACE Comfort Club will prolong your system! Call us today at (281) 256-3433 to join.

HVAC Repair & Servicing Areas

ACE proudly serves the Greater Houston, TX area. Check out the surrounding areas we are available to you below or give us a call at (281) 256-3433!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Replace or Repair My Air Conditioner?

It is recommended to replace your A/C unit every 10 to 15 years. If your system is about eight years or older, it may not be worth the cost to repair it unless the repair is an easy fix. There is a rule of thumb in the HVAC world, if your repair costs are more than 50% of the cost of your system, then you should replace your A/C unit.

Replacing your air conditioner could benefit more than a repair if:

  • You Are Experiencing Foul Smells: Foul smells could mean mold, which can severely affect your health in the long run. The same goes for other abnormal smells like a burning scent. Weird smells coming from your system require immediate attention.
  • The Breakdown Frequency is High: Over time, multiple repairs repair can add up, that means repeatedly performing them on an older unit just doesn’t make sense. Investing in a newer unit can save you the headache and some money.
  • You Use R-22 Freon: If your A/C unit uses Freon, eventually you will need to replace it to make the switch to the new R410A refrigerant. If your unit is breaking down or has problems associated with needing more Freon, it’s a perfect time to replace your system with the more updated version.

Do Air Conditioners Bring in Fresh Air from Outside?

In short, no your A/C unit is not bringing in any air from the outside. Your air conditioning unit is made up of two components, the inside and outside component. These two components are connected through copper lines that are filled with a refrigerant. That refrigerant is the one thing that is passing between the two units.


What does all that mean? Well it means, that your inside air is the only thing your A/C unit is passing through. The inside air in your unit, doesn’t mix with the outside air at all and vice versa. What happens to the outdoor air then? Your outdoor A/C unit uses a fan to draw the air in, cools it down and passes through the unit. It doesn’t stick around for long.

How Do I Know if My Air Conditioner Needs Servicing?

We always encourage people to make sure they are getting annual maintenance on their A/C systems. However, there are also some tell-tale signs your A/C unit will tell you when you’re in need of a repair.

  • The Air Blowing Out is Not Cold: If the air being blown out isn’t as cold as it usually is, your unit needs to be serviced. This means your unit is working twice as hard as it usually does to try to keep the temperature of the air down. This issue could be caused from low refrigerant, or a possible duct leak.
  • Water and Moisture is Building Up in Weird Places: If water and/or moisture is building up your unit definitely needs service. Your unit is built to remain dry all the time. If it continues to get wet and hold moisture, it can lead to a buildup of mold and mildew. Call our ACE technician to get it checked out!
  • Your Unit is Making Some Weird Noises: In general, A/C units usually run quietly. If you start to hear screeching, grinding, or banging noises coming from your machine give us a call ASAP to avoid further unit damage. Your unit could have broken components, debris stuck in the system or loose belts.
Is An Air Purifier Right for Your Air Conditioning System?

Today’s air purifiers are smarter than ever and very home-friendly – but do you even need an air purifier? Generally, residential HVAC systems include basic filters to get rid of dust particles and similar issues. If the filters are replaced in a timely manner, they can do their job just fine.


An air purifier, on the other hand, uses a series of filters designed to deal with specific airborne problems in a house. These can be standalone units that can be moved from room to room, or whole-house units that are installed into the HVAC system. If these options sound like something you may be interested in, schedule your service today.

What if my heater is sluggish or less effective?

When the system isn’t producing enough heat, there is a problem with a few parts:

  1. Ducts the air is flowing through are dirty.
  2. Filters are worn out or clogged.
  3. The blower/fan is stuck.
  4. The thermostat’s setting is too low.
  5. The belt is off/broken/stuck.

How we make it run:

  1. We’ll go in and clean your ducts.
  2. If needed, we’ll also replace your filters.
  3. We will unstop your blower/fan by removing any debris.
  4. You can turn up the temperature setting.
  5. We will recalibrate your belt to its proper destination
What if the system fails/doesn’t turn on?

The system fail to turn on because there are of tampering or overheating. Some of the problems include:

  1. Burned wires or scorched paint that leads to overheating.
  2. A broken breaker.
  3. A tampered thermostat.

How we correct the failure:

  1. We’ll tighten your connections or install new wires.
  2. Also, we’ll check that your breaker is not off.
  3. For your thermostat, we can repair or replace it.
Why is the air coming out seriously off the set temperature?

When your heater isn’t listening to your instructions, there are a list of problems, such as:

  1. Dirty or blocked ducts.
  2. Insufficient insulation.
  3. Blocked evaporator or condenser.
  4. Insufficient refrigerant levels.
  5. Broken heat exchanger or blower.
  6. Thermostat settings are incorrect.

How we make the temperature right:

  1. We’ll check your ducts with our cameras and clean them with our machines.
  2. We will add more insulation.
  3. We can also replace your blower.
  4. We’ll also add more refrigerant if needed.
  5. Replacement of your heat exchanger or blower will not be a problem for us!
  6. Reset your thermostat. Also, change it from ON to AUTO.
What if my heater keeps making noise?

Two parts need to be put back into place or replaced:

  1. Belts are blocked, loose/tight, or damaged.
  2. Either the motor or blower is stuck.

How we put peace back into your home:

  1. Remount the belt or spray it with solution. We can also replace any worn down ones if it is needed.
  2. Remove anything clogging the devices.
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