Importance of Changing Furnace Filters

Why Is Changing Furnace Filters So Important?

Maintaining your home’s heating and cooling system is not something you should overlook or put off. One of the most important steps to proper care and maintenance is to clean or change the filters. Every HVAC system has a filter positioned to capture the dust and debris that is coming into the system. Without this filter in place, the system can become caked with material, including dust, dander from pets, mold, and much more. This causes a number of problems for the HVAC.

As the HVAC system pulls in air from the home, the filter is the first line of defense for the HVAC system. It works to stop the progression of dust and debris from getting into the HVAC system. If you do not keep this filter clean, several problems can occur.

#1: The HVAC System Becomes Damaged

The heating and cooling system for your home needs to operate with ease. To do that, it cannot have a lot of dust and debris in it. Yet, if the filter is missing or not clean, that is exactly what happens. The particles from the air can easily clog the system, making it harder for it to work.

What’s more, this allows those particles to potentially be moved through your home’s ductwork, which can further cause a problem for the system. And, over time, that material lands on your furniture and is in the air in your home where you can breathe it in.

#2: Improves Efficiency

The furnace filter captures most of the particles in the air. When the air filter is clean, it can do this with ease. That means your home’s HVAC system can operate as it should.

When the filter has done its job and is packed full of particles like dust mites, dander, and other allergens, it becomes so dense that air cannot come through the filter as rapidly as it needs to in order to meet the needs of the HVAC system. The result is that the HVAC system has to work harder to keep your home cool or warm, depending on the time of the year.

With a clean filter, it can easily pull in the air needed without having to work harder to do so. That means you are using less energy overall. Clean filters can help to reduce your energy costs if you have clogged filters now.

#3: Improved Air Quality

When your furnace filter is filled with particles, some of those particles could get into the HVAC and into the ductwork. This means it can be spread throughout your home. You may notice a lot of dust in your home. You could even expect to see more particles in the air as well. This can be dangerous. Some of those particles could be mold or mildew. They may be pet dander or pollen that your family member is allergic to and is now breathing in.

When you change your air filter on a regular basis, that does not happen as much. The filter captures the debris and prevents it from traveling into your HVAC system in the first place.

How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

When you are using your HVAC, it is important to change the filter once a month. There are some filters that are designed to be used for three months at a time. These tend to be larger and contain a different design that allows them to capture more of the material and lock it away.

In some situations, you may need to change out the filter more often, such as if your home’s air has been particularly bad, there is construction work in the home taking place, or there is a lot of land movement outdoors, such as landscaping. All of these components can increase the amount of material in the air that could be pulled into the home’s HVAC system.

Get the Help You Need for Your HVAC

If you want cleaner air that is easier to breathe, be sure you change out your furnace filter at least once a month during high use periods. You can do this on your own, or you can allow our team at American Comfort Experts to help you. Having an annual inspection and tune up can also help to ensure your system is working at its best on a consistent basis. Give us a call or fill out this form to set up an appointment.



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