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Top Summer A/C Maintenance Tips

Summers can be brutal. High temperatures and humidity levels can sometimes make your home feel like a sauna. Now, imagine if your A/C system unexpectedly stops working in the peak of summer. Unthinkable! That’s why it is crucial to ensure regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit. Simple yet effective steps taken on time can mean the difference between enjoying a cool indoor environment or suffering in unbearable heat.

Don’t have experience dealing with HVAC maintenance? No worries. The experts at American Comfort Experts are here to take care of all your cooling needs. Being committed professionals with years of experience, we prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of our clients, making us one of the most trusted A/C companies in Houston and the surrounding area.

Regular A/C Maintenance Is Important

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is essential to ensure that it runs optimally during the summer months. Let’s explore some practical tips that could save you from a sweaty disaster this summer:

Change Your Filters Often To Keep Cool Air Flowing

When was the last time you replaced or cleaned your A/C filters? These serve as the first line of defense by filtering out dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. Cleaner filters also reduce the stress on your cooling system while ensuring greater efficiency.

Clean The Condenser Or Evaporator Coils For Optimum Performance

Sometimes it seems to be so hot that even your A/C seems like it’s sweating! That moisture is actually coming from the condenser or evaporator coils inside your A/C. When dirty, these coils can cause your system to freeze up, resulting in an inefficient cooling system or complete shutdown.

Giving coils an occasional cleaning frees them from debris and grime for smoother performance.

Use Window Tints Or Film

Most people don’t realize that the sun is actually the main source of heat in their homes. The outdoor temperature could even be mild, but if your windows magnify the sunlight heat indoors, your A/C will work harder and use more energy.

Using window tints or films works wonders by blocking sun rays, keeping unwanted heat at bay while keeping that precious cool air inside.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clear Of Debris And Plants To Avoid Overheating

Your outdoor unit needs breathing space too! Letting weeds, plants, or debris accumulate near it may disrupt its efficiency due to inadequate airflow. Make sure there is clear space around it—about 2 feet—to keep it humming all summer long without any hitches.

Do Not Leave Your Unit Running When No One Is At Home

A simple tip that can save you a lot of money in energy bills is to turn off your cooling system when no one is at home. Turning it back on again when you get home not only saves energy but also extends the lifespan of your unit by avoiding overuse. Wear and tear is unavoidable, but slowing it down is definitely possible.

Use Fans In Conjunction With Your A/C To Circulate Cool Air

You might think fans are obsolete now that we have versatile A/C systems. That would be wrong. While they cannot provide the same level of cooling, fans can help circulate cool air around the house faster. Use them in tandem with your A/C to make full use of chilled air while saving energy.

Check Coolant Lines

Coolant is the lifeblood of your system, and regularly inspecting coolant lines is an important aspect of regular maintenance. If they look shabby or cracked, it is time to call in the pros and get them checked out.

When To Call In The Pros: American Comfort Experts

If that sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry. ACE is here to help with all your A/C needs. A professional intervention provides that extra layer of protection against unforeseen breakdowns allowing minor problems to be rectified before turning into big expensive ones later.

Our service typically includes a comprehensive inspection, which includes checking for optimal refrigerant levels, among other major components. Filters are replaced if needed. We also do a detailed ductwork review to ensure there are no leaks.

The team will take great care in cleaning key areas gathering dust which otherwise might reduce performance. Finally, we’ll lubricate any moving parts to ensure maximal efficiency and longevity of your unit.

Hire American Comfort Experts to Keep Your A/C Running Cool All Summer

American Comfort Experts provides customer-friendly premium HVAC services using the latest tools and technology. Our technicians are not only knowledgeable. They’re equipped with plenty of hands-on experience.

Beat the heat this summer by choosing American Comfort Experts. Make a service request today to get a professional inspection, repair, and maintenance service you’re your A/C unit.



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