Five reasons why smart HVAC is the right choice

Why Having a ‘Smart’ HVAC system (and home) is Smart

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Making everything ‘smart’ is so in right now. We have smartphones, smart cars, and smart classrooms. We can now outfit our entire home to be ‘smart’ and work inline with modern technology to automate our household systems. In today’s blog post we dive into the why’s and the what’s of having a ‘smart’ home.

Five reasons why smart HVAC is the right choice.

Smart = save money. The older and more inefficient the system you could be using now is, the greater the savings you’ll see as a modern heating and cooling system represents a significant leap forward in technology from old systems that are more than a decade old.

Comfort – smart heating and cooling systems that allow homeowners to control which rooms are heated and cooled will help them feel more comfortable in their homes.

Convenience – A smart HVAC system is far more convenient with a smart heating and cooling system that syncs to your phone, you can remotely control your heating and cooling system.

Increase the Value of Your Home – As energy efficiency and environmental responsibility are big concerns these days, a smart heating and cooling system will greatly increase the desirability of your home and the price you can command for it.

Help the Environment – Finding ways to operate air conditioners more efficiently will help reduce the environmental impact of heating and cooling your home or place of work.

Let’s start simple with thermostats.

This is an easy change and you can do this type of installation yourself.  Check out this chart of smart thermostats ranked from top to bottom. The top 3 recommended are ecobee3 lite, ecobee and Emerson Sensi.

Wireless, WiFi, & Smart thermostats are relatively interchangeable. Traditional older-style thermostats don’t come close to the technology available with today’s Wi-Fi thermostats. A Wi-Fi thermostat keeps you connected to your home with control in the palm of your hand featuring improved energy efficiency and feedback, remote programming, geofencing, learning and alerts. Other perks include, algorithms learn your preferences, reporting for the best savings and advanced sensing,

Smart Vents

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in “Smart Vents” for your home. A “Smart Vent” regulates the amount of air distributed to a given room in order to achieve and maintain the desired local temperature and avoid the “too hot/too cold” syndrome. Most houses have ductwork that’s based on rough “rule of thumb” principles not considering that thermal requirements of a room changes through the day depending on sun and wind exposure, humidity and user preference. Smart Vents that monitor air flow pressure and temperature are programmed to open the vents if there is any indication of crossing a risk threshold. Smart Vents would in fact be able to inform the air handler about the exact amount of air needed at a given point of time and by doing so, significantly improve comfort and energy efficiency.

The benefits of home automation typically fall into a few categories, including savings, safety, convenience, and control. Additionally, some consumers purchase home automation for comfort and peace of mind. Despite these benefits, it could still take some work to convince people of how great home automation can be. Plenty of people want the perks of home automation, but they feel uncertain that smart home technologies will provide them.

If at any time you have doubts, questions or in need of guidance, we can help! We’re the PROS and that’s what we’re here for.




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