Are you ready for fall?

Is Your Home Ready for the Fall HVAC Season?

Fall is officially here and now is the perfect time to make sure your HVAC system is ready for cooler weather. No one wants to discover their heating system isn’t working on brisk and colder fall and winter nights! The experts at ACE have come up with some HVAC fall maintenance tips to make sure your heating and air system is in tip-top shape for the upcoming seasons. 

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Once the fall arrives, it’s time to adjust your thermostat settings, it’s also the perfect time to install a programmable thermostat if you haven’t installed one already. The temperature during the fall months is known to fluctuate greatly! It could be 78 outside on Monday and 59 outside on Tuesday. Having a thermostat will let you keep your house at a comfortable temperature despite the fluctuating temperatures. 

Check and Clean the Outdoor Unit 

If your outdoor unit becomes damaged or impacted by debris or dirt, the proper and efficient performance of your unit can greatly suffer. That’s why cleaning the fan and grate of your unit is so important at all times of the year! But especially during the fall season, as leaves start to fall, you’ll need to keep them cleared away from your outdoor unit. You can have a professional come out to clean your unit or do it yourself. However, if you do it yourself make sure to turn OFF the electricity connected to your system. If you notice any further damage while cleaning your system, give us a call so we can come check out your system!

Change Your Air Filters

Dirty air filters can cause some major damage to your HVAC system. It can decrease energy efficiency, prevent heating efficiency all together, increase your heating bill and much more! 

Your air filters should be changed with the beginning of each new season, if not before. The worst thing that can happen when it gets cooler is for your HVAC to stop working. While we are here to fix HVAC problems all times of the day and night, we would rather you avoid the stress that comes with it! As fall turns into winter, it is also important to check out your furnace filter as well!

Schedule an HVAC Inspection

An inspection by a professional is the best way to prepare your system for fall. Our professionals will come out to your home and give your system a thorough inspection to make sure you are all set for the fall season. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

We hope these few reminders will help you prepare your home and HVAC systems for the upcoming fall season. If you have concerns, questions, or need some help, our experts at ACE are ready and happy to help! Give us a call today (281) 256-3433! 



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