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American Comfort Experts is an A/C company in Cypress TX. We are dedicated to helping get your A/C unit back up and running and get you back to comfort! Our expertly-trained technicians in Cypress can help diagnose the problem quickly and get your system running right.

American Comfort Experts is locally owned and operated in Cypress. We are licensed and fully insured. We have been serving homeowners in Cypress for many years and continue to pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

A/C Repair Cypress

Air conditioning units tend to break at the most inconvenient times, usually at night or on a weekend. American Comfort Experts provides 24-hour emergency service if that happens. Our Cypress technicians are always available in case of an emergency. Don't stay up all night in the heat, give us a call. We are here to help.

A/C Installation in Cypress TX

Getting ready for the heat in Texas is important. Having your air conditioner serviced is part of that preparation. If your air conditioner is old and worn out, having it replaced before the hot summer months can save you money. There are many energy efficient air conditioning units to choose from, that can not only keep your home cooler, but lower your energy cost all summer long. If you're a homeowner in Cypress and need a new A/C unit, give us a call. We have competitive prices and great customer service. We would like the opportunity to give you a free estimate on your new A/C unit or complete A/C system. Our professional A/C installation team is highly trained in all facets of A/C installation.

A/C Service Cypress TX

Having your A/C system serviced before the heat of the summer is important. Making sure your air conditioner runs safely and efficiently can not only save on energy costs but also keep your unit running all season long with little or no problems. It's a great time to join our ACE Comfort Club. We will check your A/C in the Spring and your heater in the Fall to make sure your home stays comfortable all year long. You will receive special discounts for being an ACE Comfort Club member. Call today for more information.

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We offer A/C repair service to homeowners in Cypress, TX 77410, 77429, and 77433.

Cypress A/C Repair Reviews

"Excellent customer service! My heat went out during the winter storm Inga. Doug came right out and had me up and running again quickly. He took the time to explain the problem in terms that are easy to understand. This was the best experience I have had with a heating and cooling company. I highly recommend American Comfort Experts!!!!"
Jill B. - Google

"We feel like we can trust this company to give us the best rate they can and that their techs are qualified and trustworthy. What more can you ask for."
Tammie W. - Google

"Excellent Customer Service! American Comfort Experts was the only AC/Heater service company that picked up the phone on New Years Day during freezing temps. This company saved the day! Thanks Doug!"
Don K. - Google

"These guys are great! I had an issue yesterday on the hottest day of the year so far. I made the call and a technician named Travis and a new trainee arrived within the hour. They both worked tirelessly to figure out my issue. They were able to identify the issue and get my house cool again. Every time I've used ACE, they've been extremely prompt at getting out to my house. They are also very reasonable on pricing. They are my go to for my HVAC needs."
David S. - Google

"The perfect storm while still recovering from the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey all around Houston my wife's 92 year old mother AC quits. It was late and American Comfort Experts was called . A short time later Doug the owner showed up. Said he had been in an elderly gentleman's home earlier with the AC out and the house was hot when he arrived. He got him up and running and heard this call. His techs were busy so he headed this way. He had the parts and motor needed on his truck and got her up and running in no time. Its very hard to find this kind of customer service now days. Thank God there are still a view around like Doug and the folks at American Comfort Experts."
M. C. - Google

"This company and the owner Doug saved my family from being ripped off by Mr. Rogers air conditioning company long story short Mr Rogers showed up and checked my a/c after telling him we were flooded by hurricane Harvey and it was 90 degrees in my home and we were dying and I just needed it repaired he proceeds to tell me I need a new system and it would cost me 4000 I did not have something was fishy about this man mr Rogers so the next morning I called Doug with American comfort experts and explained to him I could not afford to pay five different service fees of 60-80 dollars to get five different quotes on different problems I needed the truth. Doug felt so bad for me he showed up himself and checks my a/c and said nothing was wrong with it and that actually Mr. Rogers fixed it four nights ago by replacing a low voltage wire a cheap fix he showed me how he new because that wire was new versus the others and there was wire clippings he left on the a/c unit that were recent well Mr. Rogers told me he couldn’t fix it so he cut off my power to the a/c which i thought was odd we went four days without a/c and one night in a hotel and I got sick because Mr. Rogers lied to me. Doug did not have to fix anything because everything was working he saved our lives and really cared about my family he was so concerned with me having to pay a lot of money for a new a/c when I didn’t need too and I needed my money to rebuild my home from hurricane Harvey I owe this man everything. Finally a decent company that will not rip you off."
Kristy K. - Google

"The first technician was very polite. Then Doug had to come to finish the call. He quickly discovered that the thermostat that I purchased was bad. He had to replace the thermostat, then he personally programmed the thermostat. I was so grateful to this man who was very professional and quickly got the problem solved. I was use this company from now on for my air conditioning and heating needs."
Bane A. - Google

"I became a Comfort Club Member because ACE calls to schedule appointments, show up promptly, work efficiently and always go the extra mile. Everyone at the company that I've worked with is professional friendly and dependable. They installed my system last year on New Year's Eve! Talk about going the extra mile. Travis is the best!"
Elaine N. - Google

"These guys are the BEST! They have been looking after our Carrier package unit (AC and Propane Heat) at our rural farm at the edge of their service area for about 8 years. We have had a lot of issues with this unit, everything from faulty mother boards to rusted heat exchangers and burners etc. to the point where I feel guilty about calling them when our system breaks. BUT they always come out quickly and do whatever it takes to get us up and running. Doug has given me his speech about how our unit is unsuitable for the kind of installation we have (more than once) but will always bend over backwards to get our problem(s) fixed. One day we will make him happy and purchase a new heat pump unit from him but then we would probably not see him or his crew again and that would make us sad!!"
Simon L. - Google