5 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your HVAC Technology

July 15, 2019

Is your HVAC system breaking down constantly? Learn the unmistakable signs it's time to upgrade by reading this guide.


Do you know that HVAC systems are no longer a luxury but a necessity? Results from the Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) show that 87 percent of Americans’ homes are embracing HVAC technology.

The heating, cooling, and ventilation system improves indoor air quality during the hot summers and cold winters. However, while these systems are essential, they cannot last a lifetime. There comes a time when you have to consider replacing or upgrading your heating and cooling system. 

But how do you tell it’s time to ditch your old system for a new one?  Keep reading for unmistakable signs that it is time to upgrade.

1. Loud and Unusual Noises

It's not uncommon for your HVAC system to make noises as it cools or heats the home. These noises are normal and a part of the unit's functionality. However, there are times when noises occurring from the system are as a result of loose parts that need urgent repairs. 

Also, aging or older HVAC units can start making constant loud and unusual noises. This indicates the unit needs immediate and detailed repairs. Some of the common HVAC system noises include:

  • Noise before the air conditioner ignites or starts up
  • The blower humming louder than it used to
  • The outdoor system making an unusually loud noise
  • The furnace banging and groaning

Get a repairs quote from the contractor. If the cost is unreasonably high, you need to invest in new HVAC technology.

2. Increased Operating Time 

When the HVAC system runs for a long time and fails to produce and circulate enough air around the house, something must be wrong. And if it goes on and fails to maintain the correct temperatures, don’t think twice. It’s time for an upgrade.  

The HVAC unit may be running longer than expected because of:

  • Bad coils
  • A failing blower motor 
  • The HVAC unit might be getting older
  • Clogged air filter
  • Faulty thermostat

Increased operating time can significantly increase your heating and cooling expenses. Upgrade to a new system for energy savings.

3. Lots of Costly Repairs 

HVAC systems run like many other machines at home and will require repairs at some point. However, when a model is too old or damaged beyond repair, it may break down often and require frequent repairs. 

Frequent repairs don't give an assurance that the system will last longer. Thus, if you are calling in a contractor every two months for repairs, consider upgrading the entire system. 

4. Old HVAC System 

Proper maintenance can keep an HVAC unit running for many decades. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance, a 10-year old HVAC unit can be out-of-date and inefficient.

Immediate replacement is vital before the outmoded system start costing extra money in repairs. Replacing the unit with a new, energy efficient one results in efficient heating and cooling and energy savings.

5. A Surge in Energy Bills 

An increase in energy bills will push a homeowner to reconsider the condition of the HVAC system and technology used. Old HVAC units take more energy to circulate conditioned air.

High energy bills indicate the unit is no longer energy-efficient. Conduct an energy audit and consider getting new HVAC technology to save money on heating and cooling.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your HVAC Unit?

The HVAC system is a great investment, but just like every piece of equipment, it requires replacement at some point. Take note of these warning signs that it's time to upgrade to new HVAC technology.

Need a new, energy efficient HVAC system with the latest technology? Contact us today for unit purchases and installation services. 


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