Maintaining Your HVAC System in Crazy Texas Weather

4 Tips Maintaining Your HVAC System in Crazy Texas Weather

It’s virtually impossible to predict the weather here in Houston. One minute we’re walking around in shorts and sunglasses and the next we may be headed indoors to grab coats and rain boots. The back and forth nature of our region’s weather patterns can wear us down. These weather patterns can also wear down our HVAC systems, so it’s important to check and maintain often, maybe more often than normal in the transitions between seasons. Here’s a few tips to stay on top from season to season.

1. Keep an eye on your AC filter.

You probably change your AC filter once a month, routinely.  You’ll want to step up your filter game while the seasons transition, especially in winter, since the cold months bring more dust and debris.  Add in daily changing weather patterns, and you’ll see double the debris and dust. You can’t overly maintain your filters, so it’s best to check and change them more often as needed. You can read more on our blog about your AC filter here.

2. Clean your AC unit

Have you ever thought about washing your AC unit? It may not have crossed your mind, but it’s a good practice to start. Start with washing your unit at the beginning of a season. Turn the power off, remove any debris or old leaves and grass and then hose off the dust and dirt. Allow it to dry before turning it back on.

3. Double check your pilot light

Because our weather here tends to go back and forth, we may forget to check the pilot light by the time we need to use the heat again.  You can easily check your pilot light under the burner assembly. The flame should be visible and blue. If you don’t see a blue flame, your pilot light is out and you’ll need to relight it. Follow the steps on the label located on the outside of your furnace. You can read more on our blog about furnace maintenance.

4. Consider getting a backup generator

Sometimes with alternating weather patterns, communities may experience electricity or gas outages.  These occurrences may be common enough for you to consider using a backup generator to keep your house warm (or cool) should this happen.  By keeping your system connected, you keep your system running smoothly and free from stress.

As always, these tips are to give you, the consumer, knowledge and piece of mind.  Be sure to take on large projects and schedule your regular maintenance with professionals. American Comfort Specialists is here for you during crazy Texas weather.



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