Why Your Air Conditioning Isn’t Feeling Cool

4 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Isn’t Feeling Cool

We’ve probably all been there when the air conditioning isn’t cooling as well as we would like it, even with turning down the thermostat some. For many this can be pretty uncomfortable, especially when it’s the middle of summer and humid outside. The experts at ACE have come up with why you’re A/C may be acting up. Listen to our tips so that your air conditioning will blow cool air in no time! 

Thermostat Set Incorrectly

You may have your thermostat set on what you think is a low temperature, but that can be deceiving, as there’s many settings on thermostats. First, examine the fan setting. If the fan is switched to “ON” it will run even when you’re A/C isn’t, leaving you with a higher bill. Switch your fan setting to “AUTO” and the fan will only operate when the A/C is running, leaving the air traveling through the vents continuously seem cool. 

Your Refrigerant is Low

Without refrigerant you really won’t have air conditioning. As it shifts between the indoor coil and the outdoor unit it changes from a gas to a liquid. If there is low or no refrigerant, it’s hard for the gas transition to happen. Your air conditioner will therefore cool poorly, if at all. Along with your air conditioning not cooling properly, low refrigerant can also result in a frozen evaporator coil, which prevents the air conditioning cycle from being fully completed. If you think that this may be your A/C issue, reach out to our experts at ACE, we would love to give you a professional hand! 

Your Filter is Dirty 

Dirty air filters are terrible for your HVAC and are, in fact, the #1 reason for HVAC system failure! The air filter traps particles that easily wear out your heating and cooling system, when it gets too dirty (or blocked) it can reduce airflow. 

So, what does that mean? Well it reduces how much warm air moves over the evaporation coil. If the refrigerant flowing through the coil becomes to cool it will freeze and block the air conditioning cycle from happening. Check your filter, if it is dirty, simply replace it! To keep this from happening in the future, change the filter every month or so. 

Your Condenser Fan/Compressor has Gone Bad

How do you know it has gone bad? This may require some professional help, but we have two key things to look out for. 

1. Listen for the sound of the compressor working inside the unit. 

If you hear the compressor cutting out, you’ll probably need to purchase a new system as the compressor is the heart of your air conditioning unit. 

2. Make sure the fan on top of the unit is spinning. If it’s not spinning it has gone bad. When the fan is no longer spinning, the condenser can’t break up the heat and can cause warm air to be sent into your home instead of cool air. 

We hope these few reasons will give you some idea of why your A/C unit isn’t blowing out cool air. If you have concerns, questions, or need some help, our experts at ACE are ready and happy to help! Give us a call today (281) 256-343! 



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